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Lower the bridge (left side bridge part). Take the bucket and place it and the end of the rope attached to the well. Mótás hf skrifstofa, Stangarhyl 5, 110 Reykjavík. Then close the display panel and input yourself into the teleporter. Replace the pieces such that there is a gap for the lock itself (the little crossbar). Connect it to the pipe between the other two wheels, and return to the top floor. MOTAS is a game it stands for Mysteries of time and space its a game like crimson room if you want to play it search it on google personly i think its better than crimson room. Enter the room to the left. Picked up the axe. Use screwdriver twice on lower-left panel. Then click the bucket to store it, and again to use it to put out the flames. Put it on the place holder of the machine to your right. Open the small panel and remove the key. Use the key upstairs to open the further locker. Both items will appear in … A click on a piece moves it to the adjoining empty space. never mind, if it's been posted before it wont take you more than a minute to find out!! This is the final installment of the Reoda series. In the lower left, click on any of the right-most squares. Winter Chip XVI • pixel Jan 11th 2021 1:13pm I'm starting to practice some photomanipulations with amateur photos that i take at random times Put the disk in the machine in the room to the right. *EATING GIANT GUMMY FOOD* Best Gross Sour Candy Real Funny Worm - Duration: 15:20. Enter it to end the level. Then click E, and the laser wall should dissipate. Go left and take the blue wheel from the frame. You will see a replica of level 1 onscreen. Move the cupboard in this room also; there will later be a passage down. Motas full walkthrough all 20 lvls It will tell you the code for the door. Your aim is to enter all three passwords (you don't need to do this simultaneously). It is acceptable to make all but four panels green. Go to the past and plant the tree inside, and get the ladder from next to the tree outside. Click on the side of the nearer cupboard and it slides back to reveal another secret room. now in technicolour, Response to The big wheel is now grey. MOTAS - Mystery Of Time And Space Level 15 Walkthrough: 1. Click the panel in the tele-transporter and wait until it says waiting for user input. Then move to room#2. Go one room to the right, and use the ladder against the plant pot. 2007-03-29 11:38:04. posted your Walkthrough for a game.. THAT nobodY KNOWs in ng.. FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx FUCK YOUzx, Response to Exit this room and go forward again. In this way it is binary. Go one room to the left, enter the code into the wall panels (the leftmost digit goes in the topmost circle, and so on), and the door will open. Set the facing color as the east. Solve the puzzle by aligning each color on the inside with the colors on the outside of the puzzle. Click inside the now domeless UFO to … Set the levers in accordance with the sign on the right-hand wall; a lever up is set to 0, and down is set to 1 (may require you to move all the levers at least once to work). It will fall; that is normal. Read its contents to find a code. Went to the park, used rope to take the spade from the passing boat. Left the room, walked down the street, took a right turn to the park, went past the park to the mill. A ninja may be fast, but my dick is faster. Click on the piece of paper, then click on your MOTAS device, and click on the fourth option to be teleported away. I couldn't find anything, so I read your walkthrough, because non-logical trial and error does not intrigue me. Rearrange the furniture so that you reveal a secret passage downward. Then pick up the chalk (2) and go back to room#1. Put the disk box on the rat hole in this room, and remove it once you have seen that the rat head is there. 2007-03-29 11:29:22, Response to Find car keys to escape. Pushed back the dumpster. Motas full walkthrough all 20 lvls 14. go into the far right room 15. zoom in on the security panel 16. put the large triangle piece in the top left 17. put the smaller triangle at the bottom 18. but the q shaped piece at the top right 19. put the L shaped piece in the middle Level 5 1. move the upside box in the corner 2. move the cabinet Welcome to level 11: Go directly to room#2.....and then enter room#3.....and then room#4... Once there open the cupboard (1) and get a key and a screwdriver. Go down the passage, and you are now behind the third laser gate. Use the screwdriver to kick the back out of the revealed secret panel. They say "clues but no spoilers" but you will get spoilers, end of story. A method for doing so is: start on either the left or right and work down the column, making every panel in that column green. Picked up the axe. Welcome to level 9: First open the cupboard.....and get a key in the box. Ignite the log and pick it up again. Chalk the cuestick. Level 8 Your past self will pass by, but afterwards, you will find another IC board. Solved puzzle (need to put all colours together in squares of four) to open door on left. MOTAS - Mystery Of Time And Space Level 19 Walkthrough: First, your going to want to go to the future. Return to the main hallway, click to open the end door, and leave. Take this letter to the mail-snail and drop it in the out box. Repeat the last step. Insert the floppy disk and then reboot. Can't get the keyandwhat is that thing onther that Man Hole.And what do i need to do with the fountain and white dove? Play; gotmail micro escape 17 play gotmail micro 17 escape here it is again- the escape you have all been waiting for- number 17 in the series (we have played 18 haven't we?). Click on the UFO dome in the window to set it as a target. Use the key to open the nearer cupboard on the right. Click the pillow and the poster. There is now one line on the balance, indicating that the room with one line above it is open. Use the chair to reach the top of the room light, where there is a key hidden. Lift the bridge (bridge part on the right) and move the chair closer. Go to the room to your right. The password from that goes into the 'My Computer' password settings. Good luck and have fun! Press the right-hand button and the main green button. Level 19 Get the axe on the stump. Use the big triangle to fix the blown fuse, and then exit this room. Left the room, walked down the street, took a right turn to the park, went past the park to the mill. Investigate each location of the room and solve puzzles to obtain exit key. lvls 17-19 will be in my next post enjoy ;P, Response to Take the axe from the tree stump. Open the folder on the middle left, and find the document within it. MOTAS Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t7dr9592h Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3. plus-circle Add Review. Open the door marked "1" and put on the alien suit. Go back to the previous room. Rotate. you are at a villa- try to escape- but why?? Return to the control room three rooms left. Key goes in cylinder guy is standing in front of, Winter Wonderland Forest Adventure is new forest adventure/escape game created by Ainars. Exit this room. here it is again- the escape you have all been waiting for- number 17 in the series (we have played 18 haven't we?). The panels on the left are configured like dice faces; with top to bottom corresponding to left to right, make the dice numbers match the number sequence on the previous message. Go into the future and get the seed from the tree, to the right. Reopen My Computer, go into "Password Settings." Walkthrough P.1. Switch the diodes and the top generator; the device should float again. Good luck; there are 27 sets. Traverse many rooms to the right; the room before the last (backtrack) has a locker with a floppy on top (click the locker). Go right into the next room 2. Motas full walkthrough all 20 lvls Motas full walkthrough all 20 lvls Insert the MOTAS device into the depression at the bottom of the new panel. You came to the right place, where all the answers for the Word Chef game are published. Return inside and take the elevator to floor D. Notice the orientation of the compass, and click on the shelves. Write down the numbers that it shows from top to bottom; they will let you leave the level. Level 7 Grab the code from under the UFO, and then use the device to go to the next level. MOTAS New Level (Level 13) #10 User info. Close it. Go into the next room. Click this in your inventory to receive three more options. Now go back to the greenwall, and to the right. The object of the keypad is to find the different one, the one that does not match the pattern. It displays a number on top, which you need to sum from powers of 2 (2^0 - 2^4). // Games > Online Adventure Games > Popular walkthroughs > MOTAS > Level 14 -19 ONLINE - Walkthrough Winter Wonderland Forest Adventure Winter Wonderland Forest Adventure is new forest adventure/escape game created by Ainars. Well, almost first. Go to the Start menu, click the only option, put in the number, and click the button. Play Bad Memory Escape 2021 Go through the hatch in the ceiling, go one room to the right, and note down a four-digit code from the books in the right shelf. Play N1 Puzzle Room Escape Insert the following directions on the panel: Up, up, right, right, down. They rotate when you press the button on the right. Go back to the present and put the two UFO pieces into the UFO here. Then I forced myself to Then exit through the airlock. Take back the MOTAS device, click on it, and use the second option. This is for walkthrough and help purposes only. Put the blue wheel there... which will allow you to go up to room#3. Go into the top-left icon, My Computer, and click the top-right icon within that, Desktop Images, then read the readme.txt, and note down the password in that ("tatersXXX"). Click the box or whatever it is; it should move to the side 3. Input your 8-digit code slowly, so as to be sure that every click counts properly. At that time MOTAS was hosted on a free web server and the game featured only one room (level). Then go further right and do the same for the other three pictures. Click on it again. Go the to flood control and get the boat to the right side of the locks. This is a one-room level. There is a device with four rotating faces. Enter the farther room to the right and open the cupboard. 6, 4, 3) 4. Unscramble them into a word; reboot and input this word. Go outside (left door). 32,138 Members    56,385 Threads    1,503,755 Posts     Join us! Use the screw from the picture to poke the key through the keyhole. Rotate. MOTAS is an influential pioneer of the Escape Room genre from the early 2000s.

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