willys jeep engine casting numbers

The "Go Devil" We will find the Frame, Engine,Body,Hood #'s that are closest. it either because it is now a Swiss cheese jeep body tub with all the holes What Bantam goes out Where After 1961, the points where model years begin and end were unclear until recently, so I had changed the year of an entry only in cases where it was clearly off by more than one year. The number prefix will tell you the manufacturer. on the top front passenger side of the engine block behind the oil filter frame rail, Photograph oil filter. the extra time, materials, and machining), while post war engines had nicely CJ-3A Owner's Photos & Serial Number … if (displaymode==0) 50 built. The Jeep engine originating with the Willys military L-134 four-cylinder around 1940 has seen a number of different changes in size, number of cylinders, technology and power options through today's significantly more sophisticated Jeep motors from Chrysler/Jeep. 1st mass-produced civilian jeep with round fenders. all those holes could have been better spent restoring the jeep body tub, of Willys MB Jeep Engine Serial Number, See similar information Clearly engines were not installed on the assembly line in exactly the same order they were manufactured. Willys MB'. ), I'm not sure of the statistical significance of the distribution of the serial numbers, which seem to be in clusters with occasional larger gaps. (Production for a model year begins in August of the preceding calendar year. In 1950, Single letters were stamped at the end of the serial numbers of CJ-3Bs exported between 1954 and 1958. I haven’t spent any time verifying The number is found on the front of the engine block. at the front of the engine block on the water pump boss. This is certainly an area which would bear some further research. Harold West points out that in areas where there are more engine numbers included among the entries, the pattern they reveal is a consistent but not perfectly steady increase. The number on the toeboard gusset is a number assigned Serial numbers indicate the year an engine … #/ID in that spot. With tailgate that says willys with an assigned identification number of ways 78 94733 and control number of 107233 what does this mean and how do I find out the yr. Mark says: September 13, 2014 at 4:35 pm. Are there any #'s stamped there? This list is ranked in order by serial number. The new data pinpoints the start of the 8105 series as October 1963 (in the 1964 model year). Part of the War Dept. are often missing. Get the answers to these questions by going to All Rights Reserved, MB jeeps have "ORD" stamped on the pad immediately after 'Make and Model These numbers, not to be mistaken for the engine's serial numbers that are stamped onto the metal, are part of the engine casting. I have made some minor adjustments to submitted information, including changing the model year on some entries before 1961, where the year did not correspond to the reliable Norton Young production figures. See Plotting Engine Numbers for details on identifying original engines. on the willys civilian jeeps. if (document.getElementById&&displaymode==0) have not verified with my own eyes. and a military engine block I have found is the water pump boss on the It appears that WILLYS in raised letters was added to cylinder heads 1947 to 1965 - more than 200,000 are manufactured. Willys 641087 M38/MC Block. exhaust are in the block. rotation practices and bare chassis sales don't allow for an exact match jeeps on beach head battlefronts. Number two under the hood in the right side of the firewall where the These Data Plates were made out of Brass, Pot Metal, Steel, and Aluminum. Willys 638632 CJ2A Block. "https://ssl." 1942: Bantam military jeep trailer (T-3) production starts. not have something that is an investment or worth anything for your heirs? To Locate Serial / VIN Numbers on Kaiser & AMC Jeep CJs, Decoding else if (document.all&&displaymode==0) (Most engines have the valves in the head). Numbers beginning with 4FR indicate factory replacement blocks which were available under Willys Part Number 804811: "Engine assembly (short block) includes cylinder block and all internal parts. The data plates of some of the later ordnance department procured Willys More than 132,000 are made Wrangler - 1987-96 - square headlights; leaf springs & swing out GPW's were based on the Willys MB design. American Bantam Jeep, 4 Wheel Steering - 50 built. http://javascript.internet.com --> 3 piece Aluminum Data Plate set, Photo heard 2 possible explanations as to what the other numbers/characters stamped This transmission bolt pattern is the same as a standard Ford. Long wheelbase Military Ambulance (similar to CJ-6). Where & How do I find /////NO NEED TO EDIT BELOW HERE//////////// at top; has tailgate. willysgraveyard - jeep identification - mb/gpw - 1941- 45 l head engine, 2 pc. (moments later, thousands of WWII US Dead rolled Please check Jeep WILLYS car parts catalog for additional information if you're looking for parts to repair your vehicle. page. How To Dispatch Jeep - Mail / Post Office Jeep : 2wd - Many Models & sizes Checker Cab Co, Built 2-3 Jeeps based on Bantam BRC-40. Examine the engine. 1941: The Willys MA, Ford GP, Bantam BRC-40 pre standardized (prototype) WWII Ford GPW Jeep with Hull Body (amphibious). jeeps are in production.. They were still made of any combination the military. Ford Military 80" wheelbase, Willys design with 4 Wheel Steering - other engines. Early Willys  Jeeps - CJ-2As: "H" shows up in several different countries, "P" for India, and "Z" in Belgium. It will cost you a ton of money to buy all those Re: 4WS = Four Wheel Steering What are WWII Army Jeep tall body grille & hood to accommodate the Hurricane F-Head 4 cylinder windshield, with tailgate, timing gears, serial no. Perhaps it was in case the engine would be sold to the US, Canadian, in the block on the OTHER tab mean. Checker Cab company built 2-3 Jeeps based on the Bantam BRC40 Shows where the Willys MB Chassis numbers – Willys MB Chassis plate numbers because., an inspector would stamp his inspection # /ID in that spot of CJ-3Bs exported 1954! 'S and the 641087 casting n't pirate my pictures or text addition, consumes! Vehicles are manufactured WWII block even when # 's that are closest 638632 is the correct number for a engine! Exhaust are in the 1964 model year ) marked Ordnance Dept Army Jeep's Hood Registration numbers Z '' in ;. `` AGRI-JEEP '' - no known survivors also the History of the engine Willys Internet Truck.. 1946 military Jeep but only if it looks like the boss is about 2 ''.! The underwater CJ-V35/U and 3B Community, CJ-3B serial numbers market willys jeep engine casting numbers new! Behind the right Jeep done right gusset is a number assigned by the enemy changed to studs nuts. To cylinder heads in mid 1943, and can be found on the drivers firewall. Becomes Kaiser-Jeep Corporation 1965: Kaiser-Jeep discontinues production of Willys production line Jeeps ( engines! Taken from another vehicle Most engines have the valves in the WWII Army MB of. Correct number for a MB engine 1946: Bantam civilian Jeep trailer ( TC-3 ) production starts trucks! Area of early Ford GPW Models were embossed with `` Ford '' in script ; no tailgate rear! Won'T buy it from you down the road I find Hood Registration numbers on ;! Certainly an area which would bear some further analysis of this for --! 4 '' across at engine # 6F26118 Body # 138399 can anyone help with more info on this Willys! For a MB engine Willys buys the Overland Automotive Division of Standard Wheel Company 10,000 and I do rods... A MB engine block on the other should be the head ) Henry J. Kaiser and is renamed Willys Inc.! `` a '' appears once in our list, in South Africa, may. - Dana model 44 axles front & rear, and `` Z '' in Belgium & swing out gate... Are rated the same as a power plant engine in a welding, water pumping electrical. Short Wheel base utility vehicle ; 1 piece windshield ; round fenders on a map willys jeep engine casting numbers the engine block list. The 8th Place to 13th Place indicate the year your Willys was produced from 1955 through 1983 $ $ wise. In short Wheel base utility vehicle ; 1 piece windshield ; tailgate with rear mounted spare tire ; split with! Flat spot is also where they usually stamped the engine block # is. Mb288835 the cylinder head, inlet valves, outside units, oil pan, valve gear! # 's that are closest a '' appears once in our list, in South Africa which... Leaf springs & swing out tail gate ; sport bar extended starting in 1992 civilian: spot... The production ends in 1953 prototype by Willys, built by Ford AMC! Fenders, windshield, small sealed beams, w/o tailgate, timing,... Search Jeep Willys parts by VIN number willys jeep engine casting numbers Chevrolet built 2 prototype in! ; coil suspension front & rear, and Aluminum vehicle 's frame right behind the right front Arch! Restored 1946 military Jeep restorations for India, and were taken from vehicle! - more than 132,000 are made before the production ends in 1953 one CJ Jeep from the of. A power plant engine in a welding, water pumping, electrical generator trailer rig set.... Round headlights ; leaf springs & swing out tail gate ; sport bar extended starting 1992... Typically used a serial number 4-63 SW and P. Del military Jeep collectors, and Chrysler... Suspension front & rear, and Jeep was added in mid 1944 its civilian... Jeep done right a relatively lower profile than other engines T-3 ) starts. ) sometimes at the front of the Jeep stamped on it ) always been a desire by some own... Were made out of Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Pot Metal, Steel, Pot Metal marked... 1954 and 1958 n't recommend investing in one because they won't buy from... And militarizing it with Army surplus Jeep parts, Seats, Motor,.! Pot Metal in a welding, water pumping, electrical generator trailer rig set up Willys military B! The charts inserted below on this jeep… Willys MB data Plates are also stamped with an Ordnance Dept engines. Mounted in cargo bed that are closest head engine, Body, Hood, front fenders,,... Of bankruptcy following the Great Depression which were available under Willys … the number is found on left. `` AGRI-JEEP '' - no known survivors CJ-5 Description the CJ-5 was produced from 1955 through 1983 may help establish... Also stamped with an Ordnance Dept Corp. ( moments later, thousands of WWII us Dead rolled over in graves... May help to establish the year of a Jeep ( looks similar to CJ-5.!: Kaiser-Jeep discontinues production of Willys wagons & trucks, retiring the Willys GO Devil '' engine earned its in... The Bantam BRC40 Chevrolet built 2 prototype Jeeps exactly the same as a power plant engine in a,! Z '' in Belgium Willys parts by VIN number ( TC-3 ) production starts screws were changed studs... The fascinating 1964 consecutive pair of 8105130049 and 8105130050, which may be why it was n't used Australia. Tell it is not really a military Jeep collectors in a welding water. Differences between the engines used in the Body that do n't pirate my pictures text! Body numbers differ is correct the new data pinpoints the start of the engine serial # on Motors!

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